We have trained students, professionals, and consultants, over 90% of which have recommended the MCI training program.

Yezid Navas

I first Implemented the MCI framework in my Capstone Consulting Project at HULT International Business School. It helped me transform the manner I structure my thinking allowing me to communicate complex ideas and bring innovative solutions to the table. Moreover, after my graduation I changed my career path towards Information Technologies and the MCI tools have proved to be vital in my role as a Business Analyst, aiding me to communicate intricate ideas to the client. The MCI methodology is a terrific asset, relevant to any industry or position.

Yezid Navas
Economist/ Business Analyst
Tim Stephan

The Management Consulting Institute has helped me to gain a very good understanding about the Consulting industry sector as well as the professionalism of a Consultant. The theoretical principles, but also the practical experience in form of conducted case studies have been a valuable resource which provided me with a foundation for later consulting projects. Furthermore, I would like to highlight how the tools and frameworks I learned have been, and will be very valuable for any professional work I do in the future.

Tim Stephan
Analyst at European Freighter Airline
Hasim AlNouri

Currently, I'm using the consulting class concepts during the project analysis and business modeling stage in healthcare business development. Such as a great business tools will be indeed a value added for you and for your future company.

Hashim AlNouri
Business Development Manager, International Medical Center
Mahak Hamid

The Management Consulting course exposed me to a new school of thought. It was the most intriguing part of my masters.There is a structure to go about solving business problems and issues. The frameworks and tools help you to identify the exact situation and its cause leading to a solution. I have been able to apply the frameworks and tools professionally and I must say it has changed the way I look at situations and find solutions.

Mahak Hamid
Marketing and Communications Professional
Carlos Koteich

MCI's Training and Certification gave me excellent preparation to enter the work field with confidence. Their frameworks allow for smart structuring and can help turn idea fragments into attractive business plans. I now have the tools I need to analyze a problem and translate it into a solution and executable action plan. I am now able to deliver distinguished value to all the clients I work with.

Carlos Koteich
Hult Business School Master in International Business
Isaac Abraham

MCI's training and certification has helped me to structure my analytical reasoning. It has made me effective in finding the right solution to clients' issues by asking the right questions and working systematically. I've used it with clients in Brazil and India - and its helped me deliver more value. Every time.

Isaac Abraham
Juris Baldunciks

MCI Analyst course has given me a very valuable knowledge about the behavior how to be a trusted advisor and structure my thinking not only for consulting purposes but also in every day situation.

The knowledge from the course has made my work much better and systemized, while certification has opened new gates to interviews in top consulting firms in US and Latvia.

Juris Baldunciks
MBA Student - University of Latvia
Amir Fakhim

Management Consulting Institute's frameworks allows smooth communication with Senior Management. It is an effective way to communicate the business problems in business language to the leadership team. Another great benefit is being able to frame the most pressing business challenge and addressing it in a managed and controlled way. This approach leads to better chance of success.

Amir Fakhim
IT/ Business Professional

Currently I use the consulting class concepts in new project development and strategy formulation for my business. They help me in dealing with issues in a much more systematized and efficient manner for better outputs.

Santhosh Prasad
Robin Andersson

The MCI material helped me substantially in framing ambiguous and complex problems as well as looking and approaching them with different perspectives. The course has been of great help during my graduate studies along with utilizing certain concepts post graduate in a professional environment.

Robin Andersson
Master of International Business Graduate
A. Kyerematen

In any business environment, the ability to dissect a problem from varying perspectives and offer creative solutions/alternatives that are practical, actionable and cost effective is a skill that is expected. The frameworks covered in the training expose you to simple and logical approaches to problem solving / strategy development that will set you apart from your peers. The frameworks have been invaluable to me professionally in my Consulting career as well as personally in other endeavors.

A. Kyerematen
Associate, Geneva Global, Inc.

Today, many companies need people that are able to see the big picture, make recommendations and execute plans. The MC Institute Certification program helped me structure any problem, ask the right questions and present solutions in a simple and powerful way.

Katherine S.
Senior consultant, Bain & co.
Clarisse G

I have recently received three job offers and accepted one of them … because of the SCQ and REALIZE frameworks that I learned from the Management Consulting courses, I was able to differentiate myself from other candidates and perform extremely well. I am very excited that a new chapter of my life is starting now!

Clarisse G.
Supply chain IT manager, Glaxosmithkline

MCI has been my foundation and guide into consulting. It taught me how to approach difficult situations in a structured manner and how to communicate findings, insights and implications in a clear and impactful way, focusing on finding new areas of opportunity for my clients. I currently rely on what I have learned and the materials I received from MCI in my current position at Deloitte.

Diego de Vries

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