Realize Framework

Realize Framework


A total new perspective.

In today’s economy, a failed execution of strategy uses up both time and resources that can’t be wasted. Corporate executives, consultants and academics intend to find ways to eliminate the abiding gap between the strategic vision and reality of corporate performance.

The REALIZETM framework eliminates this gap and making strategic vision a reality by,

Linking strategy to business processes
Understanding and leveraging the corporate culture in which these processes exist
Connecting people, processes and strategy from a very early stage in strategic initiatives.

REALIZETM framework follows a simple logic and breaks down the strategic execution process into seven steps as follows

Robust Strategy

Building robust strategies to compel and excite people to execute them

Enable Change

Working with the culture that exists, not changing it


Going beyond project plans to engage key stakeholders in the implementation

Leading Change

Leading a change requires listening and the capacity to lead as a team



Making choices to acquire key competencies for successful implementation



Paying attention to build and create energy and momentum for implementing change



 Embedding implementation in day-to-day work life