Level 4 Certification

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The Leader certificate (Level 4) is designed to help you apply the tools learned in Level 3, which may seem intuitive, but in reality, are quite difficult to master. It take many hours of practice to achieve mastery. Level 4 certification requires the individual to use the tools in a real strategy or project, for a real client.

In order to get certified, you must already have the Manager certification (level 3) and have submitted a real project for a real customer. A complete list of the requisites is provided below:

  • Submitted by a team of up to six (6) individuals
    • With clearly defined leadership roles
    • Who are all eligible for Level 3 Certification
  • Worked for a company or non-profit organization
  • Implemented a strategy or a project for a senior level sponsor at the organization
  • Submitted within 12 months of taking the Level 3 Exam
  • Followed the MCI Honor Code of ethical behavior

Who should apply?

This certification is designed for individuals (both students and professionals) looking to improve their management skills and demonstrate that they not only know the theory, but have developed the critical skills needed to apply the theory. This certification will benefit anyone that faces challenging issues at work, needs to structure problems and find solutions, make decisions, and present effectively in order to sell an idea. Level 3 certification will help professionals in areas like strategy, marketing, sales, and business development among others areas. The certification is also ideal for consultants who have not received formal training from top consulting firms (McKinsey, Arthur D. Little, Bain, Accenture, etc.).

How do I get Level 4 certified?

If you want to get Level 4 certified, you must have the level 3 certification. You must then submit the following information about your project for approval to MCI:

  1. Payment
  2. Team information
    • Team name
    • Team leader
    • Team members
  3. Company information:
    • Company name (include website)
    • Client name (main sponsor – include LinkedIn plug if available)
    • Client title/position
  4. Project Name

Documents that need to be submitted for approval to get certified

  • A final presentation showing the REALIZE framework:
    1. Robust Strategy: how compelling, actionable and attractive is the strategy?
    2. Enablers: what are the enablers and barriers to organizational change?
    3. Approach: what is the most effective/efficient plan given both internal and external factors?
    4. Leading: how does the leadership/management team “walk the talk” around the strategy?
    5. Individuals: what individual/team behavioral and technical competencies should be developed?
    6. Zeal: what quick wins must be designed to ensure enthusiasm, passion and commitment?
    7. Ensure: how to drive accountability and responsibility for initiatives and activities?
  • Feedback from the organization’s executive on your professionalism and results
  • Feedback from your teammates about your professionalism and results


  • Regular: US$500.00
  • Student: US$250.00. In order to receive the student discount, please email us at mcinstitute.org with your proof of student status (Accepted documents include valid student IDs or a copy of the latest academic transcript).

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