Level 2 Certification

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The Consultant certificate (Level 2) proves that users have the skills needed to apply the tools learned in Level 1. The tools learned may seem intuitive, but in reality, they are very difficult to master. Many hours of practice are required in order to achieve mastery of these concepts. Level 2 certification requires the candidate to apply the tools that he or she learned in a real project, for a real client. Candidates will start from defining the problem, developing an approach to solve it, obtaining data to draw conclusions, and effectively demonstrate the findings with a compelling presentation. By taking the Level 2 certification you will prove that you have the critical skills that every professional and consultant must have in order to be a world-class manager or management consultant.

In order to get certified, you must already have the Level 1 Analyst certification and submit a completed real project for a real customer. Please find a below a detailed list of the requisites:

  • Submitted by a team of up to six (6) individuals
    • With clearly defined leadership roles
    • Who are all eligible for Level Two Certification
  • Worked for a company or non-profit organization
  • Developed for a senior level sponsor at the organization who has a defined key issue
  • Submitted within twelve (12) months of taking the Level 1 Exam
  • Followed the MCI Honor Code of ethical behavior

Who should apply?

Level 2 certification is designed for individuals, either students or professionals, looking to improve their management skills and show that they not only know the theory, but that they have developed the skills required to apply the theory. Level 2 certification benefits anyone who faces challenging issues at work, needs to structure problems and find solutions, makes decisions, and needs to present effectively to sell an idea. It will help professionals in areas like strategy, marketing, sales, and business development among other areas. Level 2 certification is also ideal for consultants that have not received formal training from top consulting firms (McKinsey, Arthur D. Little, Bain, Accenture, etc.).

How do I get started on Level 2?

If you want to get certified on Level 2, you must have the Level 1 Analyst certification. You must then submit the following information about your project for approval to MCI:

  1. Payment
  2. Team information
    • Team name
    • Team leader
    • Team members
  3. Company information:
    • Company name (include website)
    • Client name (main sponsor – include linked in if available)
    • Client title/position
  4. Project Name

Documents that need to be submitted for approval to get certified

In order to submit a project, every individual must submit the following documents:

  • A cited SCQ analysis identifying the key issue of an individual at an organization
  • An issues analysis created from the key question
  • A work plan showing how the necessary data will be gathered
  • A cited final presentation deck and recording
  • Feedback from the organization’s executive on your professionalism and results
  • Feedback from your teammates about your professionalism and results


  • Regular: US$ 500.00
  • Student: US$ 250.00. In order to receive the student discount, please email us at mcinstitute.org with your proof of student status (Accepted documents include valid student IDs or a copy of your latest academic transcrips).

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